A Possible New Direction for My YouTube Channel

Wow! Has the news slowed up or what? I expected this. As they get more focused on each module release, much of the every day information dries up. I’d rather they work on modules than spend the time to post anyhow.

With the above said it is becoming harder and harder to fill a show with recaps of lore releases being the big story. TGS is amazing but not enough there either. It leave me with a decision. Diversify.

My idea is more or less what I’ve been doing. Do more than SCAA. I am expanding my War Thunder and KSP videos a bit over the next month. But… That’s not all. I am in talks with Dr. Hawk to do a collaborative episode once or twice a month where we discuss a few major topics each month. I need feedback on this idea. Is it fan based questions or just topics I decide on?

So as the weekly news lessens I am looking to expand.

Now for a second big Announcement. I will be covering Elite Dangerous also. I will be interviewing The Community Manager and Creative Director soon and this leads me to an issue I have.

The Channel used to be called The Addicted Gamer. When SCAA took off I changed it as I had no real desire to do SCAA as anything more than a hobby. Now I see it is better than I though it would be and I find my self covering way more than Star Citizen What should I do?

One solution is obvious. SCAA is my Star Citizen show and continues in it’s Play List. The channel logo changes to the Addicted Gamer and I create playlists for all the games I cover.

Second solution. Stay focused on Star Citizen and just keep things the same.

Third solution, admit I am over my head. Give up, have a glass of wine and regret giving up in the morning when I have a bad hangover.

Well. I’m moving forward not back and more game give rage if more games is better for all of us.